Group Courses

Group Courses:

Starting with Sunday mornings in South Park on the 23 rd April, we will be offering group sessions from all ages from 2 – 13. We have purposefully tried to have all ages at the same time making it easier for those with siblings, but more importantly bringing together families and the community. The youngest 2 group courses are between 30-45 minutes and all other ages are 2 hours. All our courses are carefully planned by senior ECB qualified coaches and qualified Teachers, ensuring we not only get the technique right but the delivery too. Come and join and in and your children will be playing a reverse switch – hit and bowling a googly in no time!

If you are unsure which group to select for your little one, please do get in touch and we can advise depending on age and stage. There is a natural progression for children to work through the different age groups and we have flexibility to move things around. Remember Sachin Tendulkar did play Test Cricket at 16! Have a read of the below to see what we offer then click on our courses tab to book your child onto a course. Although we do offer a pay per session option we cant guarantee a place on one of our courses if we have hit our maximum numbers for that course. Sadly it does rain in the UK but we will aim to make up any missed sessions at the end of the course if possible.

Little Masters: Ages 2-3, (Nursery)

Our youngest age group is for our little ones from 2 and is a gentle, fun introduction to the game of cricket. We have fused fun early years games with cricket activities, and it’s a really enjoyable and inclusive session with experienced early years teachers and coaches. For this group, sessions last 35 minutes and we do ask that parents help out. We do sometimes ask you to get involved with various parts. Sessions will support young children’s physical development and also have a huge range of associated developmental benefits to help with sharing, turn taking, waiting, listening, making friends. It will help the Little Masters develop a real early passion for cricket and sport. We really understand this age group and set clear expectations and guidelines for the children while using age appropriate games based around cricket. Our main aim with this age group is to give the little ones some secure foundations to take part in our Master Blaster sessions, but also just to have lot of fun!

Master Blasters: Ages 3 – 5, (Reception/Pre School)

Our Reception age and preschool groups take part in 45 minute sessions starting at 10.00am. Parents or carers are expected to stay close by but not necessarily take part! We split these sessions into Beginners (Pre-school) and Advanced (Reception) as a year at this stage does make a big difference. The sessions are fun but have more skills focusing on cricket alongside some gentle introductions to more technical aspects of the game. You will be surprised how quickly technique and coordination can be developed. We still use lots of early years games and teaching methods, but intertwine this with cricket related games that introduce foundation skills. We use early years specific bats and balls ensuring that children at this age develop sound technical foundations in a safe environment. These sessions are led by a qualified ECB Level 2 coach and qualified early years teachers to assist.

Super Smashers: Ages 5-7, (Years 1 and 2)

Our year 1 and year 2 sessions are based around cricketing games introducing techniques, skill sessions and game based activities. Sessions are 2 hours at this age with short breaks in between. At this age the children will be introduced to more formal cricketing skills and start learning some strong basics of the game. We have lots of small sided games and competitions for this age, keeping things really fun with little waiting around. We introduce sound foundation techniques of batting, bowling and fielding and how these all fit together for modern day game situations. We use Kwik cricket equipment at this age, keeping things safe and fun for the children to develop. In no time your children will be cutting it like Kohli, spinning it big like Warnie, bowling fast like Brett Lee and loving being part of Fulham CC.

Fulham Junior Academy: Ages 7-9, (Years 3 and 4)

Our junior academy courses focus on the fundamentals of cricket through technique and skill based games. Children will learn core techniques of the game whilst also taking part in small sided matches and games. All our sessions have one hour focusing on fielding, batting and bowling techniques and then after a short break putting this in practice through different games. With our high adult to child ratio’s there is no boring hanging around in our sessions and children are always engaged in all parts. Sessions are mixed ability and we are able to differentiate for beginners to the most advanced! The children will also occasionally get a chance to go into the nets when the Senior boys are not using them. Although parents do not need to stay for the session we do highly recommend being on the sidelines and watching.

Fulham Senior Academy: Ages, 9-11, (Years 5 and 6)

Our Senior academy brings together all our core cricketing skills and we work on developing young all round cricketers who can excel in fielding, bowling and batting. Our sessions are spit into technical learning through fun drills improving children’s game and match ability. We are also able to provide net practice for our older groups. All our group fielding and game situations use a Senior Incrediball keeping things fun, safe and not requiring us to pad up. For nets we use Junior cricket balls and your child must have all equipment to include: Pads, Box, Helmet, Gloves, Thigh pad and Bat. We do have spares of everything but from our vast experience it’s important to get used to your own equipment from a young age. Those of you who have played the game will know bats have different weights and sizes, and pads and gloves really must fit properly to give your children the best chance.

Fulham Future Pro’s: Ages, 11-13, (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Our Future Pro’s programme is our oldest children’s age range and aimed at developing advanced cricket techniques and match play skills. In this age group we work on dynamic fielding methods, new bowling techniques and modern day batting drills helping to produce modern day multi dimensional cricketers. At this age we do use a Junior Hard Ball for our nets and some of our fielding drills so please make sure you have all the required equipment as in our Academy age groups. This age groups benefits from using the nets more regularly but we can also occasionally use our second Oval to replicate hard ball match situations.

Fulham Girls Academy: Ages 9- 15

With the women’s game having gone fully professional and more and more opportunities for girls to take part we have formed a girls only academy from the ages of 9. We have female coaches and roles model who have played at County level for your children to aspire to. Younger siblings who may feel comfortable with their older ones are most welcome to join and we always have enough coaches to split the group into an older and younger group. Sessions are fun, technical and game based and led by female coaches who also play the game. For the most able of our female players we will encourage them gently to take part with our Senior Academy/Future Pro sessions. We welcome all abilities from beginners to advanced and with our high coach to child ratio we are always able to find the right level for you.

Over and Not Outs: Ages 50+

Our unique walking cricket programme is aimed at our over 50’s. We have designed a curriculum aimed at giving our elderly residents a gentle and fun physical workout, but more importantly getting them together with their team mates and all the social/health benefits that can bring. Our cricket sessions consist of ‘technique-exercising’ and walking cricket matches to finish with. We have partnered with a range of external organisations to also pilot a series of workshops as voluntary add- ons to the sessions. These currently include sessions based around: Technology/social media; Healthy eating; Painting; Yoga to name a few! Its an exciting new project and we are looking forward to working with our partner organisations in continuing to develop this important side our of club.

Additional needs:

We are very keen to hear from parents who have children with any additional needs. Lots of our coaches are teachers and we have a fully inclusive policy to everything we do. If there is scope we are very keen to create a disability cricket hub in SW6 and are aiming to create links in the community to ensure this takes place.


We would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved in our brand new club. We are always keen to hear from parents who enjoy being part of the community and those that can help with anything ranging from basic administration to a full time coaching role or age group manager.